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since 1905.

The origins of “Solar Moinho de Vento” date back to 1905 when Maria da Rosa Silva Pinto founded a Tavern in this 16th century building, where she lived. In 1950, after her death, the same family transformed the tavern into "Solar Costa" now as a restaurant. According to some reports and writings of the time, it was under the name "Solar Costa" that the Fado "diva" Amália Rodrigues once performed here.
In 1955, with the departure of the Costa family, the name was changed to “Solar Moinho de Vento” because of it's location , the "Moinho de Vento" street and square.
In 2002, Pedro Bessa Monteiro, a frequent customer of the restaurant with his father, acquired with his help  "Solar Moinho de Vento", carrying out more in-depth remodeling works, this being the current Management.

In 2019, the Kitchen and the R / C remodel takes place and an innovative environmental awareness for a Traditional Portuguese Cuisine Restaurant.
2020 sees the arrival of the white house wine “Solar Moinho de Vento - Alvarinho Loureiro”, a partnership with the “Master” of the Alvarinho Grape and Vinhos Verdes region,
Anselmo Mendes and after tow years the Douro red "Solar Moinho de Vento Reserva" arrives, a partnership with the Winemaker João Silva e Sousa.

Find our

• Rice Chicken “Cabidela”, in Vinegar, Parsley & Blood Sauce
• Oporto Style Tripes with Beans
• Battered Codfish Filets with Tomato Rice
• Rice with Pork Ribs, Turnip Greens & Special Chorizo
• Grilled Salted Codfish
• Salted Codfish, “Moinho de Vento” w/ Fried Potatoes,
Tomato & Onion Sauce
• Tender Octopus Filets, served with rice of the day
• Codfish fritters (“Pataniscas”) served with rice of the day
• Grilled Iberian Pork with Mushroom “Feijoada” (stew)
• Boiled Meats & Chorizo Portuguese Style - "Cozido"



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 • You can order take away through the number 
+ 351 222 051 158 and collect at Solar Moinho de Vento, at Rua Sá Noronha, n.º 81, 4050-527 Porto. (Largo Moinho de Vento) 

• You can order delivery through the UBER EATS app.
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